“Rising Together” with Ayọ Tometi Episode 2: Falz, Rapper & Human Rights Activist



In the second episode of “Rising Together,” host Ayọ Tometi sits down with acclaimed rapper Falz to discuss the next steps for the #EndSARS movement. It was the popular entertainer’s rallying cry, along with fellow musician Runtown, that moved the online uproar from millions of tweets out to the streets in early October. A lawyer by background, Falz also talks about his efforts to push the #EndSARS movement forward through civic education. In addition to his music and comedic acting in Nigeria, the rapper is passionate about educating Nigerians on their rights, while calling for the government to truly serve its people. He garnered international acclaim in 2018 for his viral Donald Glover cover “This is Nigeria,” which captured much of what we’re seeing with #EndSARS today.

Human rights advocate and Black Lives Matter co-founder Ayọ Tometi hosts “Rising Together,” a series of pertinent conversations with prominent figures of the #EndSARS movement. Together they discuss the events leading up to the #LekkiMassacre, and the hope for a new Nigeria that still lingers in its aftermath. Watch the full second episode featuring Falz, and every episode in the series on disasporarising.org/media.

“Rising Together” Episode 2 Credits:

Executive Producer: Ayọ Tometi

Directed by: Brandyn Johnson & c. Craig Patterson

Produced by: Chiderah Monde, Brandyn Johnson & c. Craig Patterson

Edited by: Alexa Villareal Motion Graphics: Dus T’

Research Assistants: Keyna Anyiam & Enyah Wayne

Special thanks to: Falz